ThankFul for the Chance at being able to be Thankful

some of us are truly blessed to be around people with Hearts as big as the open sea.

in these times when You feel that you couldn’t be grateful for things enough. Someone goes out of their way to do something super nice and rewrites the rules of a kind Heart.

This year like every year.. we find something to be thankful about and rightfully So its needed.

lets think about the our loved ones… here and no longer here… lets think about the Good people that warm our Hearts each and Every day.

in this life I have seen so much… The world from so many places and different heights and lows…

This year i am grateful that i was able to reconnect with Myself in So many ways that i had forgotten about.

I was able to let go of So much anger and resentments that I had been carrying with me for years and finally move on to a place where i can say I’m happy to be in.

I’ve learned to forget what should be forgotten and relearn how to remember the things that mean the most.

I’m grateful for god being able to bless me and my family with good health (For the most part) and for the friends that have been in my life for so many years that i know now more then ever are priceless in what they give me.

Someone once told me… if you can count your friends on two Hands then your lying to yourself… if you can count them on one hand then you are lucky..

well… I can say without a doubt that I’m truly blessed which makes me even more then lucky.

Im grateful for all the hard work that has stared to pay off for me and the Crew of The ManChild show as well. you Guys really are talented and Just know that the sky is the limit.

This year I want to give a special Thanks to certain two friends of Mine and my family.

I have known them for years and year but it seems like I have known them my whole life. I can’t Stop and think about a time when I didn’t know them.

With the current situation…. me and my family Were not going to be able to enjoy cooking a huge thanksgiving meal and turkey like we have done each year…

These two filled with kindness went so out of their way to prepare us a full thanksgiving meal… turkey…. Stuffing… Corn bread… and even a pie…

They didn’t do it for any other reason then they are good hearted people. and this doesn’t go unnoticed.. as this year i am truly Grateful for this in so many ways that i can’t even start to mention.

Though I will try My best to start by saying thank you.. Thank you so much for sharing the love in your hearts with us.

I hope that everyone has the best Thanksgiving this year and that everything you want from this life finds a way into your minds… your souls… your hearts and your lives…

The best is yet to come… always live today as if it were your last and push to make the best of anything that is worth Doing Right.

Happy ThanksGiving