The Mind of The heart

It always seems to make more sense when attempting to look back on this life..

The moments that we have created for ourselves are our history in time.

Each one of us have a meaning.. Each one of us must understand the role we play in this life.

It might something that makes sense… other times its something that you will never know..

you can be the brick in your own wall… or you can be the foundation to another persons building.

Steps that are equal in this world… are the only things that separate us from the rest of the world.

I remember seeing the snow fall as a child… and Thinking to myself I wished I could just stare for days on end… Watching everything get covered up…

Watching how in the silence of the night… Snow would make its way into Every little area that we see each day… and never stop to think about..

Everything would be covered in white… as if the gods had placed the world and everything in it.. on Pause…

The Mind of the heart… the beating drum of our Souls… We are Perfected in every way..

Lend your ears… open your mouths.. and extend your hands…. Create the perfect history that you will be proud to look back on… and a legacy that will never be forgotten..

we are the ones that have learned to walk straight up… The ones that didn’t settle to Crawl when the world had so much more for us to walk on..

In this place… this place that can be Created by no other then you and me… We will perfect this madness and learn to Laugh all the way home.

The Mind of the heart…. The beating drum of our Souls … We have Perfected madness in every way..

Today We learn to Fly