The day we met face to face…July 17th.. 2010

3 am and the shadows and shades of colors from the modern day tv Is casting on everything it can find.

There is no place where its lights do not penetrate and show all its glory..

This is a day in its own time.. where Rules and history is nothing more then a thought which we left behind at the door that closed on reality.

all around us are the things that mean most to us. and at the same time we consume ourselves in Something that could never be bought nor made without the hands and minds of The most powerful the world has ever seen.

“i think your smart you sweet thing…”

Like a radio playing in our heads where each song has more meaning then just Filling the blank void that our ears have come to know as silence.

There is talent in the air. but not where its know to be. but rather in a form that can never be duplicated on its own.

“tell me your name … im dying here…”

a simple connection like the flapping wings of an angel learning to fly for the first time since seeing the sight of flight for the First time in years.

A few scattered minds all with there own powers to provide the lives they lead with nothing more then history in the making.

eyes are the windows Into the root of our souls…

“ive got you where i want you”

like a mad child roaming the Streets with all the candy in the world that his pockets can carry. we take it all in As if there is never enough time to stop and look over what we could and would call the best…

like sore muscles in need of a simple soothing touch to bring back the tender feeling of relief.

Smiles Run rampant in the dark as if that is the very reason that they were created to being with.

The images of what the best two smiles ever made would look like from way up above the world … seems like all that is needed is a clock that is forgiving and forgets to keep track of the day.

Skin on skin contact releasing more energy Then anything ever seen or understood Before

“Tell me your sign… im dying here..”

Her breath touching the base of his neck… sending Surges Of rapid heat movements that can be best described by words not yet invented or known to the human mind.

this moment Forever out there as his and hers is sketched into the sands of time. You can not erase them nor replace them.

for its forever. once written in time nothing can be changed.

“tell me your name … im trying here…”

Its got us where we want To…

You cant put your arms around a memory you can only hold it in your heart