My dreams came true (and I didn’t even have to sleep)

There isn’t a single moment in which one can sit back and not notice his very Dreams taking place all around him.

A moment in life where you stop and almost have to catch your thoughts because it almost seems too good to be True..

life has its moments where in one heart beat your perfect and in the next You feel as if you have lost all chance at knowing how to fly.

life is the endless chapter’ed book that seems to always have enough blank pages for never ending plots and twists..

with a book binding that is stronger then the back bone of the most spineless cowards..

I slowly let myself Down from the anti trust bubble from which I had placed not only my head.. but also my heart….

There she was… With a smile that could only be seen at the gates of heaven on a day of judgement…

her eyes were like the steady beam of light Emitting From a Light tower , that not even the most foggy of nights could hide..

her touch was like the warmness of knowing that everything would be ok.. and that you finally set your feet on Dry land after being washed shore from the sea of tears you once accepted as your Drowning hole.

when all the pieces fit and yet you can’t seem to complete a puzzle.. its because Your writing the story as you go… your creating the best chapters as they happen..

You suddenly step back and see your self in a way that you never thought could be.. You know what you are… you know what you want and you know what you can do… its a matter of doing it… seeing it… and grasping your hands on your very Dreams as they float by you in scattered pieces….

There was never a day that would go by where i would think about My dream coming true… Be it the moment that it first showed its face to me on a late night conversation that lasted into the Early hours of Dawn…

i could have showed up… I could have taken the chance…. But faith has a strange way of playing its game of chess..

The sounds of her laughter that echo through my ears like the most amazing piece of music i have ever heard…

I Could spend a life time just staring at her lips as they move while forming the Very words that I exist to hear…

Nothing else Matters because once I have made a choice… its the only thing that i know.. the only thing that I breath and the only thing that i learn to not fear and walk away from.

Perfected Madness…. Beautiful little deaths…. Cold sheets and too much money spent on late night gas stations…

we are the reason that we smile… we are the reason that we breath better at night with the fan on… We are the reasons we attempt to No longer seek reasons at all.

And you… You are the reason that I can sit here right now and say that i now have everything i need to be able to say that my dreams have come true..

and I didn’t even need to goto sleep for them to happen.


Forever in debt to my Priceless advice

Leaving the only way that i know…

Gently passing the memories of yesterday while Slowly climbing the hills of tomorrow

Your Perfect smile…Your perfect words…Your Priceless advice…

Endless hours of laughter still echoing in my head…

Blue would be the color… if i only had the heart…

Your finger tips point directly to the straightest path into my heart…

You know my eyes… you know my thoughts… and your all i ever wanted…

Erase Everything that once was… and you take over the darkest corners of my mind…

Replacing Everything with the brightest shining light that these eyes have ever failed to see before a million times..

You are my muse… You are the one thing that will never stop being on my mind…

All I ever wanted… all i could have ever wished for…. all here before my very eyes…

You aren’t damaged … You aren’t lost….

You are a perfectly shaped rock that I skip across the sea of my mind…

Never ending days…. Drifting for life time after life time..

Have you ever seen The real meaning of love? The moment you Found it and decided to never let it slip between your fingers?

then you can only imagine what that is like for me… but you need to add another million to it… and you would still come up short..

Cause This never runs out … You never leave my mind… You never fail to pick me up when I feel like I’m falling… its the simple fact… that you never let me land…

The Endless times i have stared from a distance into that beautiful smile of yours…. The many times that i have traced the lines in your palms in hopes that your life line had a picture of me at the end of it….

The never ending nights that I would spending hoping to just get a simple hello…. a simple sign to let me know that I could feel the laughter inside our hearts as they floated by us … in the clouds … and through our minds… our souls…. our bodies… and our existence…

The constant Struggle for lack of pillows… The Constant battle of making Sure that there is never a shortage of ways into which I make you laugh… Your chuckles are like burning amber in my Hearts fire….

The touch of your hair… Running wild through my fingers… is like explaining what a raging fire looks like to a blind man…

The way my Fingers run down your face… Across your nose…. and off the top like a dare devil skateboarder….

My finger tips that keep going down your sides… Long after you have kissed me good night… and I hear your deep breaths letting me know you have checked out for the evening…

its in that very moment.. that i lay there… with my head next to yours… admiring the most amazing thing that I have ever gotten from this life… The most amazing form of Emotions that i have ever felt with this body of mine…

You… You are the thing that never stops me from breathing… You are the star that never fails to light up my Summer skies… You are the very Reason that I thrive for another day.

I never miss anything when Im with you…. and I never feel Like I should be looking for anything when you are by my Side.

Without a single Regret I sit here and smile when I think about all the times that we have had… all the times that await us… and all the times I will say I love you and mean it more then I ever have in my entire life.

My best Friend… My Best girl… My Best best….

I only regret not being able to fall In love with you all over again each day that i awake… because it was the one thing that has defined my life to a point of no return…. To a point where i feel that I’m on top of the world… and that life for once is in the palm of my hand..

Ive never been sure about anything in this life…. Until I met you…. and now I’m sure that i will never be unsure again…

Because without you everything falls apart… Without you There is no reason to Crack a joke or a smile unless its faked… Because without you its just me…. and thats no team…

I can still recall the taste of your lips…

The Feel of your hips while my hands are wrapped around you tightly pulling you closer into me…. The way Your eyes Water when you yawn…. The way you Sound when you sneeze…. There is nothing on this earth i would trade this for…. not even a chance to fly.

You can’t put your arms around a memory, You can only hold it in your heart.

I refuse to Hold anything unless its you.

Perfected Madness – The Ultimate Escape – The Ultimate act of love


Guess ill learn to evaluate, So much time to learn to take

its got a hold on me…

With My intentions I know i will never be Free….

Its kinda cold on me…

With my intentions i know i will never be me….

But if i fall I’m bound to break… Guess ill learn to Evaluate

Never did I know the shit that I could be through….

Its got a hole on me…

With My dreams that i know I will never be saved…

its got a call on me….

All the spaces that I see i can never be seen…

But if I fall I’m bound to break… Learn and Cure the Evaluate

Never did I know the shit that you put me through….

Its kinda cold on me….

Its Got a hold of me….

It takes a toll on me….

its got a time for me…

But if i fall I’m bound to break… Guess ill learn to Evaluate

Never did I know the shit that I could be through….

Some words are chosen others are just spoken…

Lets think and break the world open tonight… because the moods are there… and the moment is always Right.

Ive seen Sleep a million times before.. but its never looked as Good as it does tonight

I have watched “her” sleep a million times before…

The silence of the room filling my ears like the beating Drum of a one man Marching Band…

I can almost stare into the dark filled walls and see my imagination and Dreams playing before me like the ultimate Shadow puppet Show..

Her warm body laying next to me… Watching Her in the moments that are more personal then life itself.

Following the traces of her Face with my finger tips… Exploring the Unknown that i have only imagined time and time before..

For what seems like a life time…

I have waited for this moment… and I can hardly contain myself from bringing her back to life… out of her sleep.. and into my dreams.

Seeing her Laying in my arms… as the night progresses slowly into a perfected masterpiece of rest and victory.

She’s Resting her head.. and It looks almost natural… like an Angel sleeping in the clouds while taking a break from the day…

I let my eyes gently love her body up and down…. seeing each little detail of her body in ways that I have only imagined to myself on the most lonely nights i have ever lived…

This was the moment I have Dreamed about… A life time that i have spent searching and enduring one bad choice after the other.

Now the time as come.. My day has Finally arrived and I will never have to Look back..

It takes effort to Even recall anything and everything that has come before this moment..

The silence thats piercing my ears while the random lights that sneak in through the window shades entertain my imagination with silhouettes of a future where everything is perfect and everything is her.

Slowly feeling her effortless breath leaving her mouth and cascading down my shoulders.

Watching her eyes Slowly twitch in the moments of Deep sleep… Leaving me only to think that maybe just maybe in her dreams i am there.. and she has nothing to fear… nothing to worry about… Nothing to ever wonder about..

Her Perfected body is the only thing that keeps me from Drifting off into a deep sleep.. its there… and my hands will not allow me to stop for a second… even if that means I will lose sleep tonight… it means that i will close my eyes the happiest man alive tonight.

Sometimes I get so close to her.. that She almost wakes up… Sometimes its just enough to the point where her eyes are still closed… but her arms automatically find me… and wrap them selfs around me..

This is what they meant the first time i heard the words “love”, This is what They meant the first time I saw a happy ending in a fairy Tale..

This surely must be what they meant when I first heard about true Happiness…

Seeing her legs wrapped around the sheets and the pillows… There is nothing more that I can do other then stare… Its Perfect Madness… Its perfected Harmony and its Where I need and want to be.

Sleep well My angel, For your wings have not been denied… not tonight… Not today.. not in this life.. and not ever again

I have no Patience when it comes to Waiting for the next day to start… I have so much that I need to say.. So much that i have discovered while in these thoughts that i through all around you while you slept last night…

I am never in a rush when it comes to finding the Perfect words… but I just wish someone would hurry up and invent new ones that will finally enable me to explain to you just how much I love you.

Even if you have… Even if you need… I don’t mean to stare… We just have to Breath… We can Build a house…We can build a tree… I don’t even care… We Could just be free….

Tonight I’m the Richest man Alive

Living A Dream while wide awake… The priceless Award of The heart

Watching as the time Comes screaming down our throats….

Finding that everything is more perfected then we could have ever imagined…

Her Soft Skin Compliments The Very Thoughts that my mind effortlessly creates Words for with my lips..

Her Hands are shaped in such a way that it would be Easy to argue that they were made for me…

The fear that you have… The things that you wonder…. and the times that you wish You could have spent else where….

These are the things that will give me the reasons to prove my love each and every moment that I spent with you.

A romantic bliss paradise that is Created by us…. For us…. Through us…. and it will never end till my last breath of life is inhaled..

Watching the reflection of my self in her eyes… its priceless… its Perfected… its what the real meaning of pure love and affection comes from…

There is nothing more that is needed to fall in love with you each night all over again then the simple glance of your electric eyes… and the warming Touch of your lips against My body…

Like the Wild fires that Rush through the untamed forests of life… You are the brightest flame in the most Coldest place on this earth… With you nothing fails to keep me warm at night and every moment that i feel my self freezing.

As I take your hand and help you gently glide into a world that is unknown.. Just always keep in mind my Angel that you have nothing to fear… as your wings have not been Denied…

powerful…Sexy….beautiful and the most perfect master piece of Art work that I have ever seen..

My Strong hands gliding over your body like the gentle perfected touch of an Artist… Feeling every curve and twist of your body…. and never failing to miss a single spot.

Is this love? is this love? Is this love that I’m feeling?

Love reaches the limits it can… and a new word needs to be invented to understand the full potential of What my heart feels when We are combined as one… Lights off…. The Sparkle of the moonlight barely making it Through the Closed shutters….

the pale moon light running wild around us…. Slowly dripping down your body….. My hands chance away the darkness and your lips allow me to show you just how bright our world can be.

We’ve kissed in the rain…. We’ve watched the sun rise and hide from countless days… Each time i would see with my own eyes… Just how one could fall in love more and more with each passing day…

What is it that i see when i look into your eyes you ask me?

Have your ever seen the rain fall peacefully to earth?

A puddle gather up like the thoughts you have on the clearest days?

have you ever felt warmth on your body when the Coldness is all around you?

Have you sat back and watched the effortless flaps of a butterflys wings as it Takes flight and moves on to its next Adventure of life?

if you have… Then you have seen maybe a tiny portion of what my eyes see the moment they set their sites on you….

Its Magical… Its Perfected… And its the reason The word Romance and passion were invented….

Cupid called… He was very angry…. He claims to have used all his arrows on us…

I told him not be upset… to look at it as an investment…

because when all this is said and done…. We will be the prime example of just what love can be about and where it can bring you.

There is nothing in this world that I would Give to you… there is nothing in my world that will not be yours the moment it comes…

Take my hand…. take my whole life too..

but I can’t help falling in love with you.

Legends are forgotten but a legacy lives forever

if asked what I thought the answer to life was…

“Each day You have to live your life with your voice playing over and over in your head… picture your new fav movie…

its not Written yet..

its not Recorded yet…

But you hear the narration voice Going on….

you let go.. you follow it … your on a ride…

Everything will always work out. Your choices are the prime Location of where your heart ends up placing your mind

These old bodies we carry are just this time around… its our minds… we travel .. we move freely… we create Worlds in which we can fly… we live forever… We understand and know everything perfectly.

Think of the world as a place where if tomorrow you were gone.. what would people say about you?

What would your legacy be?

would your words that you created in your time spent here be enough to butterFly effect someone else’s world even when your gone?

Could you be the final Block in the bridge of someones world that enables them to cross a river of thoughts?

only then will you know that you have reached the highest point in this life.


Don’t let anything stop you from being where you want to be.

There is nothing at all that can not be done with out a little effort or without choices.

You have what it takes.

You just need to break that fourth wall.

See California with Marlon Brando’s eyes

As we Dance in this Moon light…

As i passed you.. in the door way…

You took me with a glance…

I should have taken that last bus home.. but I asked you for a dance..

The Steady pictures in my mind to remind me of a place I want to visit again.. but never been to.

I disobey all my first instincts and just allow my mind to Follow you into the dark room we call our minds..

I dance in this moon light… and its got me caught in this Spot light… but its 3 am.. and I’m on the streets again…

I took chance with another warning…. i’ll never be Home again…

But Were steady… and we study… all the pictures…

I always look so great in my pants…

The boss says we’ve Gone crazy… but its the means to justify the End..

and I’m dancing in the spot light… You know I’m feeling all right… and its all night .. its all nice… This moon Light..

on a hot warm summer night..

Should have gone home… but that last bus is long gone…

I can’t beg you to hold my hand… but I can pray that i never lose that chance…

and you’ve caught me in the moon light… the chance to make it all Right… and its all night …its all Right… in this moonLight…

on a cold hot summer night….

Thank you, Steve jobs

This is to all the “Special” ones

A short story based on the Long journey of nothing more then 100% life.

A collection Of Memorys Scattered across the broad Fast paced world we call the internet.

Vast amounts of Data passing us by as Though There is a blue light sale at kMart.

The world has come to embrace the Effort put forward by The intellects of today.

The “Crazy” ones as one once put it.. but did They fail to see we would multiple and come to save the day?

Consumer Pride Is based on nothing more then the ultimate accomplishment of Showing you know who you are.

Each and Everything we have come to accept into our lives is a symbol that Speaks exactly who we are to the rest of the world.

From online screen names .. To Fancy Cars and Tshirts filled With messages that only a handful might truly understand.

To the smaller things that we tend to Place away and forget about.

Each and Every Piece of who we are is scattered around us in everything that we have surrounded our selfs in.

life the ultimate choice.. the ultimate Journey… The Best Place to Crave nothing more then Simply the best and never settle For anything less.

we are the young.. The Ultimate Examples Of “beta” Testers

The future yet invented comes from our preferences and pursuits

we understand There for We learn. We Crave The Road To serenity and we Find it in Our Own ways.

Long Gone are the days of Having to Rewind A rental VHS before returning it…

Having to Worry about Skipping Compact Disks

Busy signal on Dial Up.. .

not having a Phone around to use with your Beeper..

not going months without Seeing someone in a Long Distance relationship.

and never falling out of the World by not knowing that information is always a few clicks away.

we have not become lazy… This is Evolution at its Finest.

we have nothing to fear. as the End Will come for all .

It is now in this Time Of age… That we step out of our confined spaces and release Our minds for Who we truly are.

Technology is a Talent That We embrace with Time and memory.

two steps Shy of a god given talent Such as drawing or music but equally as powerful as any form of Art.

Gone are the days that “genius” Was a Word that was reserved only for the “I was here First” way of thinking

Our voices Are now loud. and can be Heard around the world with Nothing more then a few clicks and spaces…

The message… you pick it.. but whatever you choose “Don’t be late” as our time Never Stops For Anything.

Time… Is our greatest threat… And the Best Way To live with time .. is To Use it wisely

Yeah That was For all the “crazy ones”

but now we are common Place In a world That becomes hand crafted each and every day of our lives.

The worst thing I can think of … Is living with the Fear that what you have to Give might not be enough.

Its Never Enough.. Until you know for sure that you have given it all you can and that you Are 100% in what your heart tells you.

Live long my friend

and thank you for the most important chapters in my book of life.