Letters in the inbox of Vins list

I get great emails from time to time about This Blog.

And i have to say I enjoy them all

but just this morning I got an email that was inspired by this blog…

and I thought i would post it here for all of you to read.

its a nice poem and i think you will all enjoy it as its in the same taste of the Vins list

“Amazing blazin the stars are in the sky tonight I feel I can’t explain it but I know that it’s reality. The visions clear so in other words I have clarity. I’m well aware of the spell that you castin over me.

My eyes are not open but somehow I still manage to see. I’m lookin thru you like I knew I would  you’re transparency is like lookin into the universe if I could and it sparkles and it darkens into something worse.

It’s like you don’t even mean it, it’s like a curse. Even worse u got this power over me your love is fucking blinding makin it hard for me to see. I’m wishing I could erase the pain of yesterday hopin for a better day get down on my knees and pray.

But god is never listenin and the sky keeps glistenin like a thousand crystals magic eight ball are u listening? I gotta figure out a way to end all this insanity I gotta get closer to u in order to gain sanity. Your poison to my life he says but I don’t think I mean to be I’m going crazy I’m too far away I gotta get u close to me.

I need your hands to numb the hurt I need ur lips to ease my pain. I need these tears to wash away the past like the most amazing rain. Reach out for u inside my dreams but I can never grasp ur hand I’m holding onto a broken dream watching hourglasses run out of sand. ”

“JBL” 2015

Ive seen Sleep a million times before.. but its never looked as Good as it does tonight

I have watched “her” sleep a million times before…

The silence of the room filling my ears like the beating Drum of a one man Marching Band…

I can almost stare into the dark filled walls and see my imagination and Dreams playing before me like the ultimate Shadow puppet Show..

Her warm body laying next to me… Watching Her in the moments that are more personal then life itself.

Following the traces of her Face with my finger tips… Exploring the Unknown that i have only imagined time and time before..

For what seems like a life time…

I have waited for this moment… and I can hardly contain myself from bringing her back to life… out of her sleep.. and into my dreams.

Seeing her Laying in my arms… as the night progresses slowly into a perfected masterpiece of rest and victory.

She’s Resting her head.. and It looks almost natural… like an Angel sleeping in the clouds while taking a break from the day…

I let my eyes gently love her body up and down…. seeing each little detail of her body in ways that I have only imagined to myself on the most lonely nights i have ever lived…

This was the moment I have Dreamed about… A life time that i have spent searching and enduring one bad choice after the other.

Now the time as come.. My day has Finally arrived and I will never have to Look back..

It takes effort to Even recall anything and everything that has come before this moment..

The silence thats piercing my ears while the random lights that sneak in through the window shades entertain my imagination with silhouettes of a future where everything is perfect and everything is her.

Slowly feeling her effortless breath leaving her mouth and cascading down my shoulders.

Watching her eyes Slowly twitch in the moments of Deep sleep… Leaving me only to think that maybe just maybe in her dreams i am there.. and she has nothing to fear… nothing to worry about… Nothing to ever wonder about..

Her Perfected body is the only thing that keeps me from Drifting off into a deep sleep.. its there… and my hands will not allow me to stop for a second… even if that means I will lose sleep tonight… it means that i will close my eyes the happiest man alive tonight.

Sometimes I get so close to her.. that She almost wakes up… Sometimes its just enough to the point where her eyes are still closed… but her arms automatically find me… and wrap them selfs around me..

This is what they meant the first time i heard the words “love”, This is what They meant the first time I saw a happy ending in a fairy Tale..

This surely must be what they meant when I first heard about true Happiness…

Seeing her legs wrapped around the sheets and the pillows… There is nothing more that I can do other then stare… Its Perfect Madness… Its perfected Harmony and its Where I need and want to be.

Sleep well My angel, For your wings have not been denied… not tonight… Not today.. not in this life.. and not ever again

I have no Patience when it comes to Waiting for the next day to start… I have so much that I need to say.. So much that i have discovered while in these thoughts that i through all around you while you slept last night…

I am never in a rush when it comes to finding the Perfect words… but I just wish someone would hurry up and invent new ones that will finally enable me to explain to you just how much I love you.

Even if you have… Even if you need… I don’t mean to stare… We just have to Breath… We can Build a house…We can build a tree… I don’t even care… We Could just be free….

Tonight I’m the Richest man Alive

The day we met face to face…July 17th.. 2010

3 am and the shadows and shades of colors from the modern day tv Is casting on everything it can find.

There is no place where its lights do not penetrate and show all its glory..

This is a day in its own time.. where Rules and history is nothing more then a thought which we left behind at the door that closed on reality.

all around us are the things that mean most to us. and at the same time we consume ourselves in Something that could never be bought nor made without the hands and minds of The most powerful the world has ever seen.

“i think your smart you sweet thing…”

Like a radio playing in our heads where each song has more meaning then just Filling the blank void that our ears have come to know as silence.

There is talent in the air. but not where its know to be. but rather in a form that can never be duplicated on its own.

“tell me your name … im dying here…”

a simple connection like the flapping wings of an angel learning to fly for the first time since seeing the sight of flight for the First time in years.

A few scattered minds all with there own powers to provide the lives they lead with nothing more then history in the making.

eyes are the windows Into the root of our souls…

“ive got you where i want you”

like a mad child roaming the Streets with all the candy in the world that his pockets can carry. we take it all in As if there is never enough time to stop and look over what we could and would call the best…

like sore muscles in need of a simple soothing touch to bring back the tender feeling of relief.

Smiles Run rampant in the dark as if that is the very reason that they were created to being with.

The images of what the best two smiles ever made would look like from way up above the world … seems like all that is needed is a clock that is forgiving and forgets to keep track of the day.

Skin on skin contact releasing more energy Then anything ever seen or understood Before

“Tell me your sign… im dying here..”

Her breath touching the base of his neck… sending Surges Of rapid heat movements that can be best described by words not yet invented or known to the human mind.

this moment Forever out there as his and hers is sketched into the sands of time. You can not erase them nor replace them.

for its forever. once written in time nothing can be changed.

“tell me your name … im trying here…”

Its got us where we want To…

You cant put your arms around a memory you can only hold it in your heart