You see I was never Scared to Try

I can’t seem

To understand all this bullshit

Left here in front of me.

And I

Failed to see

All that manifest’s inside me

Freeing all I see

So let’s just understand

Where we stand

I’m neither a follower or a fan

You spend these vacations

Like you just made it

And we just started dating

And you talk me into breathing again

If minds were the problems

Then you sure could use a friend again

But this is the end

I won’t need again

Another friend

Or another song to put you in.

but here are the problems that we See today..

The longest of torture try if you may

kicked stones and wondered myself into lost many times.

if there is truth

Then whats the crime

to try and find

With blinded eyes..

“I took the Chance and made it through… I took the Chance and who are you?”

Its simple but Always Perfect

Each day that comes from the start of the new sun…

shinning rays polluting our self inflicted Darkness we cast around us…

The unforgiving Sounds of the day already at start

Slowly drilling into our Sleeping Ears….

I’m worried… It might just wake you up..

and i will lose the perfect Site of beauty at rest before me.

But What is said can always be repeated…

But the words I love you are almost not powerful enough…

To captivate This moment in the  heart of the Beast….

Its A priceless journey that he will gladly embark on each day of his life.

“Its Beauty Perfected” he would tell himself in his mind…

Some of the best conversations are the ones we have about others in our head…

its this voice… The one that only Speaks and understands truth..

Where the beast Was able to fully let Himself completely understand..

That without no beauty , There can not be a Beast..

and without no chances,There can not be a new day.

Each moment will never fail to hear the words that beat on like a heart of champions..

“I love you, now and forever and I have waited a life time for dreams to Finally come true”

Her eyes slowly looking up and him….The Breath of air ingested in almost a rush….

“its simple, But always perfect” she whispers into his ear…

and Straight into his Heart.

The sky That fills my Air

There is a time when Everything comes to light..

The Clouds that Finally Give way to the Brightest Sun that your eyes have ever had the chance to see.

Nothing Can tell you when enough has been Tempted by the Days limitless hands of Time.

In this very moment.. Its where you Find the strength to Carry on in this moment… To Save anything that matters to you.

I am not the Way That I used to be… Life has Changed Things with its journeys in through time.

Days Set… Days pass… And moments are created each time you mouth opens to Share what your mind has created.

Left Alone to Struggle The daily Bread of Thoughts…

As They Stream into your Mind like Endless Gallons of Dreams over The waterfall of life…

There are Dreams… There are nightmares and there are The times where we lay awake in our beds at night…

Thinking about how nice it must be to finally Catch a moment of silence… lay back… and Slowly pretend that today never happened…

We chase our printed lies…

and if we can’t save ourselves

Then we Chase The path of Time

The rain that tastes like her body

Slowly it starts to fall around us… The Sound of rain can be easily made to sound like the marching band of a tired heart.

Watching the dry ground be littered with the scattered Drops of Rain… Each falling to Earth with no effort.. because it was made to be this way… nothing is ever random in this life when you look at things from the inside out..

The soft Drops of Rain crashing around her cold body…. her shoulders reflecting the light of Each crashing thunderstorm that has yet to be Heard…

The Look in her eyes as I see myself in the reflecting bolts of light that only seem to last long enough to give me the idea of what my heart feels when its raining in my head..

Her breath is in the air.. I can see it.. I can feel it on my skin… and I can taste it on my breath… Its Priceless when your The only thing that stand Dry to the touch under a crying cloud.

Her hands slowly Taking the time to admire each and every Single piece of my body that Creates the me… and Slowly makes her find the her…

My hands slowly gliding around her wet body in hopes on convincing my body what my mind already knows…  With each time our eyes open just to remind ourselves that we aren’t Dreaming… we are awake… and This is a dream coming true..

She’s priceless… She’s the Perfected Smile that i have hunted for years…. and now its right before my eyes…. and Im addicted to it in ways that would have the world claiming that i have lost my mind and turned insane.

My insanity comes from the urge to never let go… To never say Goodbye… To always be only seconds away from yet another day… another moment… in which I will never fail to let her know that she’s truly a walking miracle.

Have you ever seen the rain bounce of the body of a godness? Have you ever felt The breath of love running softly yet Wildly down your neck…. across your shoulders… and down into your heart?

There are the ones that try… The ones that imagine … and then there is us…. The ones that do it… The ones that see what they want… Run up to it.. and grab it with both hands… and never let go..

The Start of the world as we know it… The End of the of yesterday that screams for a chance at being reinvented and perfected at all costs and chances.

This is the moment… The one that you dreamed about when you first opened your eyes to a world of endless limitless worry free and untortured dreams come true.

I watch her eyes…. They sometimes scream “Save me” but most of the times they simply are looking for a way to act out the feelings that run rampant in her heart… its that Time… the time where it shines so Strong that others only have the choice to look away or to wear sun glasses…

Have you ever asked yourself just how much of you is really alive? Have you ever stopped to ask of the world for something more then what you settle for?

You live Fast… you Die strong… and you learn to never look back

The rest happens with The Simple words “I love you”

You become The unstoppable force that many fear… The thing that is not easy to understand…

its a code…. Its a belief … Its a Dream that takes place with your eyes open… and your heart pounding…

When I hold her….. Not even hell it self could burn me…. because its in that moment.. that I hold the world in my hands…

My book is coming along

2015 for me has been instant creative ejaculation. Explosive creative energy at every thought. Every action. Every emotion.

My book is moving along at such a pace that now completing it this year seems so realistic that it becomes a drive on its own.

A life long dream to be a writer. Though I have been writing my whole life.

It is only now that I place an official stamp or label or whatever you want to call it. Putting not only myself out there but testing my “talent”.

Only two options

Do and get done.

As I let my mind flow through my finger tips as I walk down the ultimate journey of memory lane. I stop and think of all the people I have met. All the friends I’ve made, I’ve lost and I’ve forgotten.

I think about the adventures. The success , the uphill climbs and the fast down hill falls.

I think about each person that fills the pages of my book. The pages of my fantasies come true.

The amazing personalities , the perfected moments and the hating bastards.

I laugh to myself when I think the ones who did me wrong were the ones that gave me the best gift in life. Free filled pages

Effortless romantic literature poetic pornography.

With no way to lose you can only gain.

When you stop and think of your life as a movie , you thrive to make an ending that will leave all speechless,hopeful and inspired.

This is my life , these are my dreams and this will be my legacy.

“I touched her leg… And death smiled”

2015 is the year I can’t stop to look back even if I wanted to.

The human eyes aren’t made to look that far back.


We once perfected the madness of life called Freedom

The half filled ash trays scattered around us…

no lights needed…we let our hands be our eyes into the unknown..

Some can say foolish while others … others will claim that this Was Freedom at its best.

With everything so new to our world… what were the chances that we would ever think of Stopping to look back..

That which Becomes old and takes the place of history that we once knew… its the Priceless lament of getting old they say…

hey tight yet fragile body kept warm by the gentle Caress of the artists mind…

Many would pass Through the doors of perception.. but only a select few would be allowed to stick around and linger in the mind of the almighty.

The soft smell of burning candles Filling the cold winter nights… its so new to us… but we fall right into place… we feel right at home..

The moon light Slowly sneaking in past the windows… Casting Prey on everything that was lucky to fall within the eyes limits..

Too young to know any better… and not old enough to understand it would not last Forever…

The gentle whispers of her breath pass over my body like the pending death of a perfect day…

in that moment …failure wasn’t even known.. or understood… There wasn’t a single thing in sight that could give off The feeling that one day it would all be gone.. one day it would all change..

I can close my eyes and bring myself back to this place… Though the moon no longer leaks into my creative mind… and the half broken springs of a love affairs adventures no longer Thrill me like they once did….

I’m still able to see us there… amongst the Great music… Past that sleeping bag that never knew any better…. past the clock that would Drain hours and hours away as if no one was going to pay the price of this journey…

we are frozen in my mind like a perfect movie special Effect… the Kind where Everything stops.. and the camera swings around like in the matrix…

She stopped by to say “hi” yet  i never had the chance to say bye

Sometimes I think back and think about the things that I would have perfected.. but most of the times I Think just How Perfected these memories are anyway..

Aunt Mary says… they have the darkest fears… in their eyes…. They have the family disease…

oh man….

Where you been Lately? We have a new kid in town

The first trip I took into memory lane was one that was Created at night while I sleep.

it seems that each night I have the Pleasure of falling in love with you all over again..

Only to also have the Chance to Break my own heart each morning that I wake up.

Everything is so Perfect while we sleep… Everything is just like I remember it to be…

Your perfect smile.. Your Soft hands that I can Only place mentally on the body of an angel.

The Way that things move so perfect… that look.. the one that I knew all so well.. but Miss more then anything.. when i am awake..

I have tried to replace not you.. but the feelings that you gave me For years now…. I even have Some close to almost giving up… but then I get a little taste of it… and I chase it like the ultimate addiction..

I wish I had the chance to close my eyes and at least have the chance at fixing all the wrongs… but whats the point.. I will wake up and Still have to deal With the choices that were made… another life time ago..

I think about all the lonely lonely times … that I wish I could have held you… but then the morning breaks open my eyes… shatters my dreams… and you vanish like nothing more then memories that are gathering dust on the Shelf…

You were always on my mind… and I guess the same can be said still… Since it seems that what was once the girl of my dreams… has become the Girl IN my dreams..

tell me … tell me that the Sweet love Will never die… Even though its gone.. It seems that i will always be able to look back on things and always smile to myself….

Maybe the day Will come where I will not have to fear waking up before going to sleep each night…

maybe one day… You will always be on my mind enough to reappear before my eyes..

its not that we weren’t perfect… its that the world Took a Toll On our perfection… What we might have lost that night…

I win now Each night that I dream of the girl who is now in my dreams.

To be a Fly on the wall of life…

Sitting here Looking at everything that is going on.. the reactions to the ones that dare to take their Feelings to a place some of us can only watch from a far…

i recall the times as a child where i knew nothing more then what was fed directly into my mind… The rest was left to my imagination..

but I can not Imagine the pain.. the loss… the heartache or the devastation …

I can only right…

The day that brings night… lets us see the truly lost in the moment of anger…

Another battle that could not make it to the finish… another way to say goodbye without speaking..

Lonely battles fought for life times… The same out cry that has been heard from before my time… from before a time we have all come to call today..

Broken cracks in the streets that once carried the foot prints of another mans journey.

a world brought together by the Very things that make us nothing more then our own Presidents…Kings…and celebrities…

we all carry the same parts… the same worries… the same tears and fears…. the loud banging Drums that let us carry this life on like a never ending song..

i’ll walk the streets… With an army of electronic Hero’s … friends…. fans… followers….

The choice to be heard is one that comes from the choice to Speak up..

Don’t Ever let your thoughts pass you by as nothing more then a mental song hope…

You are the ones that were set free… years of tracking the past in order to Find the better today.. and the best tomorrow.

let it be heard tonight… the way that you feel it should be… but do not forget the ones that did not choose this battle…

Did you exchange? a walk out part on the war… for a lead role in this play?

Many of us have had dreams… Some more pronounced Then Others…

but today you stand united…. Today we are all brothers….

Dont hurt the innocent… Only back up the rivals with words strong enough to match your actions that are fueled straight from your hearts.

Tonight… the streets Will fail to sleep… Tonight justice will not be severed…  but this will not be the last time that your battle cries go heard.