I can’t seem

To understand all this bullshit

Left here in front of me.

And I

Failed to see

All that manifest’s inside me

Freeing all I see

So let’s just understand

Where we stand

I’m neither a follower or a fan

You spend these vacations

Like you just made it

And we just started dating

And you talk me into breathing again

If minds were the problems

Then you sure could use a friend again

But this is the end

I won’t need again

Another friend

Or another song to put you in.

but here are the problems that we See today..

The longest of torture try if you may

kicked stones and wondered myself into lost many times.

if there is truth

Then whats the crime

to try and find

With blinded eyes..

“I took the Chance and made it through… I took the Chance and who are you?”

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