Each day that comes from the start of the new sun…

shinning rays polluting our self inflicted Darkness we cast around us…

The unforgiving Sounds of the day already at start

Slowly drilling into our Sleeping Ears….

I’m worried… It might just wake you up..

and i will lose the perfect Site of beauty at rest before me.

But What is said can always be repeated…

But the words I love you are almost not powerful enough…

To captivate This moment in the  heart of the Beast….

Its A priceless journey that he will gladly embark on each day of his life.

“Its Beauty Perfected” he would tell himself in his mind…

Some of the best conversations are the ones we have about others in our head…

its this voice… The one that only Speaks and understands truth..

Where the beast Was able to fully let Himself completely understand..

That without no beauty , There can not be a Beast..

and without no chances,There can not be a new day.

Each moment will never fail to hear the words that beat on like a heart of champions..

“I love you, now and forever and I have waited a life time for dreams to Finally come true”

Her eyes slowly looking up and him….The Breath of air ingested in almost a rush….

“its simple, But always perfect” she whispers into his ear…

and Straight into his Heart.

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