There is a time when Everything comes to light..

The Clouds that Finally Give way to the Brightest Sun that your eyes have ever had the chance to see.

Nothing Can tell you when enough has been Tempted by the Days limitless hands of Time.

In this very moment.. Its where you Find the strength to Carry on in this moment… To Save anything that matters to you.

I am not the Way That I used to be… Life has Changed Things with its journeys in through time.

Days Set… Days pass… And moments are created each time you mouth opens to Share what your mind has created.

Left Alone to Struggle The daily Bread of Thoughts…

As They Stream into your Mind like Endless Gallons of Dreams over The waterfall of life…

There are Dreams… There are nightmares and there are The times where we lay awake in our beds at night…

Thinking about how nice it must be to finally Catch a moment of silence… lay back… and Slowly pretend that today never happened…

We chase our printed lies…

and if we can’t save ourselves

Then we Chase The path of Time

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