There isn’t a single moment in which one can sit back and not notice his very Dreams taking place all around him.

A moment in life where you stop and almost have to catch your thoughts because it almost seems too good to be True..

life has its moments where in one heart beat your perfect and in the next You feel as if you have lost all chance at knowing how to fly.

life is the endless chapter’ed book that seems to always have enough blank pages for never ending plots and twists..

with a book binding that is stronger then the back bone of the most spineless cowards..

I slowly let myself Down from the anti trust bubble from which I had placed not only my head.. but also my heart….

There she was… With a smile that could only be seen at the gates of heaven on a day of judgement…

her eyes were like the steady beam of light Emitting From a Light tower , that not even the most foggy of nights could hide..

her touch was like the warmness of knowing that everything would be ok.. and that you finally set your feet on Dry land after being washed shore from the sea of tears you once accepted as your Drowning hole.

when all the pieces fit and yet you can’t seem to complete a puzzle.. its because Your writing the story as you go… your creating the best chapters as they happen..

You suddenly step back and see your self in a way that you never thought could be.. You know what you are… you know what you want and you know what you can do… its a matter of doing it… seeing it… and grasping your hands on your very Dreams as they float by you in scattered pieces….

There was never a day that would go by where i would think about My dream coming true… Be it the moment that it first showed its face to me on a late night conversation that lasted into the Early hours of Dawn…

i could have showed up… I could have taken the chance…. But faith has a strange way of playing its game of chess..

The sounds of her laughter that echo through my ears like the most amazing piece of music i have ever heard…

I Could spend a life time just staring at her lips as they move while forming the Very words that I exist to hear…

Nothing else Matters because once I have made a choice… its the only thing that i know.. the only thing that I breath and the only thing that i learn to not fear and walk away from.

Perfected Madness…. Beautiful little deaths…. Cold sheets and too much money spent on late night gas stations…

we are the reason that we smile… we are the reason that we breath better at night with the fan on… We are the reasons we attempt to No longer seek reasons at all.

And you… You are the reason that I can sit here right now and say that i now have everything i need to be able to say that my dreams have come true..

and I didn’t even need to goto sleep for them to happen.


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