Watching as the time Comes screaming down our throats….

Finding that everything is more perfected then we could have ever imagined…

Her Soft Skin Compliments The Very Thoughts that my mind effortlessly creates Words for with my lips..

Her Hands are shaped in such a way that it would be Easy to argue that they were made for me…

The fear that you have… The things that you wonder…. and the times that you wish You could have spent else where….

These are the things that will give me the reasons to prove my love each and every moment that I spent with you.

A romantic bliss paradise that is Created by us…. For us…. Through us…. and it will never end till my last breath of life is inhaled..

Watching the reflection of my self in her eyes… its priceless… its Perfected… its what the real meaning of pure love and affection comes from…

There is nothing more that is needed to fall in love with you each night all over again then the simple glance of your electric eyes… and the warming Touch of your lips against My body…

Like the Wild fires that Rush through the untamed forests of life… You are the brightest flame in the most Coldest place on this earth… With you nothing fails to keep me warm at night and every moment that i feel my self freezing.

As I take your hand and help you gently glide into a world that is unknown.. Just always keep in mind my Angel that you have nothing to fear… as your wings have not been Denied…

powerful…Sexy….beautiful and the most perfect master piece of Art work that I have ever seen..

My Strong hands gliding over your body like the gentle perfected touch of an Artist… Feeling every curve and twist of your body…. and never failing to miss a single spot.

Is this love? is this love? Is this love that I’m feeling?

Love reaches the limits it can… and a new word needs to be invented to understand the full potential of What my heart feels when We are combined as one… Lights off…. The Sparkle of the moonlight barely making it Through the Closed shutters….

the pale moon light running wild around us…. Slowly dripping down your body….. My hands chance away the darkness and your lips allow me to show you just how bright our world can be.

We’ve kissed in the rain…. We’ve watched the sun rise and hide from countless days… Each time i would see with my own eyes… Just how one could fall in love more and more with each passing day…

What is it that i see when i look into your eyes you ask me?

Have your ever seen the rain fall peacefully to earth?

A puddle gather up like the thoughts you have on the clearest days?

have you ever felt warmth on your body when the Coldness is all around you?

Have you sat back and watched the effortless flaps of a butterflys wings as it Takes flight and moves on to its next Adventure of life?

if you have… Then you have seen maybe a tiny portion of what my eyes see the moment they set their sites on you….

Its Magical… Its Perfected… And its the reason The word Romance and passion were invented….

Cupid called… He was very angry…. He claims to have used all his arrows on us…

I told him not be upset… to look at it as an investment…

because when all this is said and done…. We will be the prime example of just what love can be about and where it can bring you.

There is nothing in this world that I would Give to you… there is nothing in my world that will not be yours the moment it comes…

Take my hand…. take my whole life too..

but I can’t help falling in love with you.

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