My book is coming along

2015 for me has been instant creative ejaculation. Explosive creative energy at every thought. Every action. Every emotion.

My book is moving along at such a pace that now completing it this year seems so realistic that it becomes a drive on its own.

A life long dream to be a writer. Though I have been writing my whole life.

It is only now that I place an official stamp or label or whatever you want to call it. Putting not only myself out there but testing my “talent”.

Only two options

Do and get done.

As I let my mind flow through my finger tips as I walk down the ultimate journey of memory lane. I stop and think of all the people I have met. All the friends I’ve made, I’ve lost and I’ve forgotten.

I think about the adventures. The success , the uphill climbs and the fast down hill falls.

I think about each person that fills the pages of my book. The pages of my fantasies come true.

The amazing personalities , the perfected moments and the hating bastards.

I laugh to myself when I think the ones who did me wrong were the ones that gave me the best gift in life. Free filled pages

Effortless romantic literature poetic pornography.

With no way to lose you can only gain.

When you stop and think of your life as a movie , you thrive to make an ending that will leave all speechless,hopeful and inspired.

This is my life , these are my dreams and this will be my legacy.

“I touched her leg… And death smiled”

2015 is the year I can’t stop to look back even if I wanted to.

The human eyes aren’t made to look that far back.


Legends are forgotten but a legacy lives forever

if asked what I thought the answer to life was…

“Each day You have to live your life with your voice playing over and over in your head… picture your new fav movie…

its not Written yet..

its not Recorded yet…

But you hear the narration voice Going on….

you let go.. you follow it … your on a ride…

Everything will always work out. Your choices are the prime Location of where your heart ends up placing your mind

These old bodies we carry are just this time around… its our minds… we travel .. we move freely… we create Worlds in which we can fly… we live forever… We understand and know everything perfectly.

Think of the world as a place where if tomorrow you were gone.. what would people say about you?

What would your legacy be?

would your words that you created in your time spent here be enough to butterFly effect someone else’s world even when your gone?

Could you be the final Block in the bridge of someones world that enables them to cross a river of thoughts?

only then will you know that you have reached the highest point in this life.


Don’t let anything stop you from being where you want to be.

There is nothing at all that can not be done with out a little effort or without choices.

You have what it takes.

You just need to break that fourth wall.

See California with Marlon Brando’s eyes