The first trip I took into memory lane was one that was Created at night while I sleep.

it seems that each night I have the Pleasure of falling in love with you all over again..

Only to also have the Chance to Break my own heart each morning that I wake up.

Everything is so Perfect while we sleep… Everything is just like I remember it to be…

Your perfect smile.. Your Soft hands that I can Only place mentally on the body of an angel.

The Way that things move so perfect… that look.. the one that I knew all so well.. but Miss more then anything.. when i am awake..

I have tried to replace not you.. but the feelings that you gave me For years now…. I even have Some close to almost giving up… but then I get a little taste of it… and I chase it like the ultimate addiction..

I wish I had the chance to close my eyes and at least have the chance at fixing all the wrongs… but whats the point.. I will wake up and Still have to deal With the choices that were made… another life time ago..

I think about all the lonely lonely times … that I wish I could have held you… but then the morning breaks open my eyes… shatters my dreams… and you vanish like nothing more then memories that are gathering dust on the Shelf…

You were always on my mind… and I guess the same can be said still… Since it seems that what was once the girl of my dreams… has become the Girl IN my dreams..

tell me … tell me that the Sweet love Will never die… Even though its gone.. It seems that i will always be able to look back on things and always smile to myself….

Maybe the day Will come where I will not have to fear waking up before going to sleep each night…

maybe one day… You will always be on my mind enough to reappear before my eyes..

its not that we weren’t perfect… its that the world Took a Toll On our perfection… What we might have lost that night…

I win now Each night that I dream of the girl who is now in my dreams.

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