Candles lit the room… I could Barely keep my self from letting my mind Drift into the patterns of the shadows falling all around her..

The windows slightly left open.. to allow enough Reasons to warm our bodies Next to the fire…

There is something magical about watching the sparkle of fire reflecting in the eyes of a perfected moment..

I leaned back slowly while feeling the old grain of the wooden floors under my hands… They almost Told a Story of time.. and the heart warmed moments that charm with no effort..

The slow wordless glances… Coming from across the endless stare… Her skin was perfected like poison on the tongue of Vanity..

I… The predator.. Slowly creeping across the never land of lust… thriving for the very moment that our minds would sync… and our bodies would touch… and the fire would be the only eyes to witness this Sin…

My finger tips Slowly exploring her body… as if the first time they have ever been used… in this manner they would be the explorers of a new world… a new time… a new dream come true…

She slowly approaches my warm hand.. which was now complimented by the soft Skin on her shoulders… the crackling fire that currently sings a duet with her pulsing heart..

her eyes built to perfection… I want to die Tonight and be reborn in her mind… I want to the little death that she’s always wondered about…

The tempted feeling of animalistic instincts slowly battling my strong will… but its my heart pumping pure fire that feeds this moment..

like a Swimmer testing the waters of the open sea for the first time… You want to drown.. but you know well how to swim…

Passion leading harmony.. infested with the lust of a pure hearted dirty mind..

These thoughts will lead her to a climatic Ending that will leave her memories tainted with the sent of This nights power.

her hand slowly gliding past my body that is now fighting off the urge to slowly take her in ways that can only be felt and not described..

her lips… soft… perfectly prepared for this very moment.. as if they were created for this night… there is nothing that can Stop us now… we have been poisoned but cupids arrow…

“make it sinful for you and me”  my mind Stutters the words of its own Thoughts…

the slow yet hard beating Thumps of her heart… Felt against my hungry lips that now press against her neck… like a blood thirsty vampire..

her hands pinned above her head .. against the same wooden floor that only moments earlier had the job of supporting my wondering fingers…

The slow stuttering of her breath… against my lips… warm… and ready…

this fire could burn the world down right now.. but we would never stop shining..

in this moment we place with the hands of time… freezing everything into a picture perfect scene…

Nothing can be said for the million times that our minds have lived this moment… its a passion… its a dream.. its our fantasy..


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