Sitting here Looking at everything that is going on.. the reactions to the ones that dare to take their Feelings to a place some of us can only watch from a far…

i recall the times as a child where i knew nothing more then what was fed directly into my mind… The rest was left to my imagination..

but I can not Imagine the pain.. the loss… the heartache or the devastation …

I can only right…

The day that brings night… lets us see the truly lost in the moment of anger…

Another battle that could not make it to the finish… another way to say goodbye without speaking..

Lonely battles fought for life times… The same out cry that has been heard from before my time… from before a time we have all come to call today..

Broken cracks in the streets that once carried the foot prints of another mans journey.

a world brought together by the Very things that make us nothing more then our own Presidents…Kings…and celebrities…

we all carry the same parts… the same worries… the same tears and fears…. the loud banging Drums that let us carry this life on like a never ending song..

i’ll walk the streets… With an army of electronic Hero’s … friends…. fans… followers….

The choice to be heard is one that comes from the choice to Speak up..

Don’t Ever let your thoughts pass you by as nothing more then a mental song hope…

You are the ones that were set free… years of tracking the past in order to Find the better today.. and the best tomorrow.

let it be heard tonight… the way that you feel it should be… but do not forget the ones that did not choose this battle…

Did you exchange? a walk out part on the war… for a lead role in this play?

Many of us have had dreams… Some more pronounced Then Others…

but today you stand united…. Today we are all brothers….

Dont hurt the innocent… Only back up the rivals with words strong enough to match your actions that are fueled straight from your hearts.

Tonight… the streets Will fail to sleep… Tonight justice will not be severed…  but this will not be the last time that your battle cries go heard.

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