Sometimes We have to stop and Really think about the Path that we have walked down in our lives.

The moments that are almost Priceless are the ones that we keep with us until the very end.

Each one of Us Carrying a Story that ends up being our  own best seller.

morals…. Codes… Words….jokes and laughter…

our Formula we use to Create Some of the most powerful moments in our lives…


we look around to see nothing but grown body Versions of the innocent children We once were…

So telll me whats the Question And how do we Find the Answer ?

This is the Strangest Life that I have ever known…

Could you give it all back for a chance to start fresh and Never make the Same mistakes again ?

Who cares what the World really looks like when your always Looking down On things.

This is The time to understand that nothing Is made from Lack of Effort or The lack of a lack of Effort.

Murder The one thing in life that can never be brought back…

Puritty and The Reasons of Sin “all alone we meet again”..

on this old broken down chair ..but still the Signs from before are here…

They always Said we’d meet again…

Amazing that sometimes the trade off needed to be made to achive a state of being unlike anything ever known before to man..

is only a few thoughts away from completing This Playground we have all come to enjoy

.I love the friends that we have gathered here on this thin raft… For this is the Land where the Freedom died…

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