We Set Forth the Time when things are nothing more then a memory which we created.

I could hear the slow fragile Door stained with Time Creeping up on the light it Shed..

this moment … the Crime of a life time …  we sit here waiting for it >>>

Its louder then words

like no other chance was ever thought about. Your face is so so Clear…

Old man Foot steps…scare away the shadows of the Good days that follow >>

feeling it all wash away The things that I can no Longer hold Together…

lets un dig ourselfs  from the shallow egg shell minds we have crafted from the finest that life can offer.

Early morning stained Sheets of the adventures of the Night before…

This is the place …. the place in which we cried out for attention…And I dont know how I feel…

GRaceful Are the chances, That i might just allow myself to rain in your head. I have no filters…

For filters tend to Flush away all the unwanted,  blessed are the ones that are lucky enough to see it

… Angel lips … Tainted with the Devils Fire

We Can Freeze time… Hold it Still… like our own picture perfect Photograph..

No negatives to erase… no red eyes To prevent >>> Lets relax to the sounds of our riddles >>

Lets kick back and drown in our Tear filled puddles

lets take back the shape of the Form of a dying mans heart.

Forget all the Things that I should have said… Erased them all and  show the new Skin you Shed

Lady my fingers will do the talking… if your heart can do the Walking..

Lady its all the things I could have said…If you were willing to listen instead…

Left you to try … digging For water >>> Broken my spine .. Plastic people disorder

Do that thing … The thing I always wished you would Never stop Doing ..

Make everything that much better… that much Clearer.. Keep that Pumpin Straight to my heart…

Make me Dizzy on the ultimate over dose of your amazing ways..

Keep Up the Smile that I hand crafted With the best Tools of life..

Dig my self this little hole..

and Call you Every name in the book….

I could fall and Never break…

I could Learn to evaluate…

Drift for days and never fall apart kiss me again… The Queen of my heart…

2 thoughts on “Lets Forget all the things i should have said

  1. I log into your website everyday since you started and thought I would tell you how much of an amazing writer you are. Your words is what gets me up in the morning and to get through the day. If only I knew you, I would let you talk and talk for hours. Just thought you would like to know how much of an inspiration you are to me 🙂

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