As we Dance in this Moon light…

As i passed you.. in the door way…

You took me with a glance…

I should have taken that last bus home.. but I asked you for a dance..

The Steady pictures in my mind to remind me of a place I want to visit again.. but never been to.

I disobey all my first instincts and just allow my mind to Follow you into the dark room we call our minds..

I dance in this moon light… and its got me caught in this Spot light… but its 3 am.. and I’m on the streets again…

I took chance with another warning…. i’ll never be Home again…

But Were steady… and we study… all the pictures…

I always look so great in my pants…

The boss says we’ve Gone crazy… but its the means to justify the End..

and I’m dancing in the spot light… You know I’m feeling all right… and its all night .. its all nice… This moon Light..

on a hot warm summer night..

Should have gone home… but that last bus is long gone…

I can’t beg you to hold my hand… but I can pray that i never lose that chance…

and you’ve caught me in the moon light… the chance to make it all Right… and its all night …its all Right… in this moonLight…

on a cold hot summer night….

The lady picture show… That hide behind my bedroom door

Candles lit the room… I could Barely keep my self from letting my mind Drift into the patterns of the shadows falling all around her..

The windows slightly left open.. to allow enough Reasons to warm our bodies Next to the fire…

There is something magical about watching the sparkle of fire reflecting in the eyes of a perfected moment..

I leaned back slowly while feeling the old grain of the wooden floors under my hands… They almost Told a Story of time.. and the heart warmed moments that charm with no effort..

The slow wordless glances… Coming from across the endless stare… Her skin was perfected like poison on the tongue of Vanity..

I… The predator.. Slowly creeping across the never land of lust… thriving for the very moment that our minds would sync… and our bodies would touch… and the fire would be the only eyes to witness this Sin…

My finger tips Slowly exploring her body… as if the first time they have ever been used… in this manner they would be the explorers of a new world… a new time… a new dream come true…

She slowly approaches my warm hand.. which was now complimented by the soft Skin on her shoulders… the crackling fire that currently sings a duet with her pulsing heart..

her eyes built to perfection… I want to die Tonight and be reborn in her mind… I want to the little death that she’s always wondered about…

The tempted feeling of animalistic instincts slowly battling my strong will… but its my heart pumping pure fire that feeds this moment..

like a Swimmer testing the waters of the open sea for the first time… You want to drown.. but you know well how to swim…

Passion leading harmony.. infested with the lust of a pure hearted dirty mind..

These thoughts will lead her to a climatic Ending that will leave her memories tainted with the sent of This nights power.

her hand slowly gliding past my body that is now fighting off the urge to slowly take her in ways that can only be felt and not described..

her lips… soft… perfectly prepared for this very moment.. as if they were created for this night… there is nothing that can Stop us now… we have been poisoned but cupids arrow…

“make it sinful for you and me”  my mind Stutters the words of its own Thoughts…

the slow yet hard beating Thumps of her heart… Felt against my hungry lips that now press against her neck… like a blood thirsty vampire..

her hands pinned above her head .. against the same wooden floor that only moments earlier had the job of supporting my wondering fingers…

The slow stuttering of her breath… against my lips… warm… and ready…

this fire could burn the world down right now.. but we would never stop shining..

in this moment we place with the hands of time… freezing everything into a picture perfect scene…

Nothing can be said for the million times that our minds have lived this moment… its a passion… its a dream.. its our fantasy..

Cyber Suicide: Consumer Overload

Mindless droids Filled with nothing more then App breathing Air…


Controlling the Sand box We created and shared…

Repo sections created like a World full of mazes…


we are trapped at the thought of an old mans Demise.


Nothing is better then the best it could be …


Even though its Changed be glad that Facebook is free..


Timeline features will control The things of the past…


While 15 month upgrades will always be “fast”


Magical Glass pane…Magical price save…


Torment the Pipelines and Broadband Filled space…


Twitter my fingers till all keys ,  get used up


What ever happen to myspace, Aol chat rooms and such?


Jail bird be free and jail bird fly away…


but not yet to far as we are still tethered today


We want it now, We want it today…


Give me a button and ill push away

ThankFul for the Chance at being able to be Thankful

some of us are truly blessed to be around people with Hearts as big as the open sea.

in these times when You feel that you couldn’t be grateful for things enough. Someone goes out of their way to do something super nice and rewrites the rules of a kind Heart.

This year like every year.. we find something to be thankful about and rightfully So its needed.

lets think about the our loved ones… here and no longer here… lets think about the Good people that warm our Hearts each and Every day.

in this life I have seen so much… The world from so many places and different heights and lows…

This year i am grateful that i was able to reconnect with Myself in So many ways that i had forgotten about.

I was able to let go of So much anger and resentments that I had been carrying with me for years and finally move on to a place where i can say I’m happy to be in.

I’ve learned to forget what should be forgotten and relearn how to remember the things that mean the most.

I’m grateful for god being able to bless me and my family with good health (For the most part) and for the friends that have been in my life for so many years that i know now more then ever are priceless in what they give me.

Someone once told me… if you can count your friends on two Hands then your lying to yourself… if you can count them on one hand then you are lucky..

well… I can say without a doubt that I’m truly blessed which makes me even more then lucky.

Im grateful for all the hard work that has stared to pay off for me and the Crew of The ManChild show as well. you Guys really are talented and Just know that the sky is the limit.

This year I want to give a special Thanks to certain two friends of Mine and my family.

I have known them for years and year but it seems like I have known them my whole life. I can’t Stop and think about a time when I didn’t know them.

With the current situation…. me and my family Were not going to be able to enjoy cooking a huge thanksgiving meal and turkey like we have done each year…

These two filled with kindness went so out of their way to prepare us a full thanksgiving meal… turkey…. Stuffing… Corn bread… and even a pie…

They didn’t do it for any other reason then they are good hearted people. and this doesn’t go unnoticed.. as this year i am truly Grateful for this in so many ways that i can’t even start to mention.

Though I will try My best to start by saying thank you.. Thank you so much for sharing the love in your hearts with us.

I hope that everyone has the best Thanksgiving this year and that everything you want from this life finds a way into your minds… your souls… your hearts and your lives…

The best is yet to come… always live today as if it were your last and push to make the best of anything that is worth Doing Right.

Happy ThanksGiving

Thank you, Steve jobs

This is to all the “Special” ones

A short story based on the Long journey of nothing more then 100% life.

A collection Of Memorys Scattered across the broad Fast paced world we call the internet.

Vast amounts of Data passing us by as Though There is a blue light sale at kMart.

The world has come to embrace the Effort put forward by The intellects of today.

The “Crazy” ones as one once put it.. but did They fail to see we would multiple and come to save the day?

Consumer Pride Is based on nothing more then the ultimate accomplishment of Showing you know who you are.

Each and Everything we have come to accept into our lives is a symbol that Speaks exactly who we are to the rest of the world.

From online screen names .. To Fancy Cars and Tshirts filled With messages that only a handful might truly understand.

To the smaller things that we tend to Place away and forget about.

Each and Every Piece of who we are is scattered around us in everything that we have surrounded our selfs in.

life the ultimate choice.. the ultimate Journey… The Best Place to Crave nothing more then Simply the best and never settle For anything less.

we are the young.. The Ultimate Examples Of “beta” Testers

The future yet invented comes from our preferences and pursuits

we understand There for We learn. We Crave The Road To serenity and we Find it in Our Own ways.

Long Gone are the days of Having to Rewind A rental VHS before returning it…

Having to Worry about Skipping Compact Disks

Busy signal on Dial Up.. .

not having a Phone around to use with your Beeper..

not going months without Seeing someone in a Long Distance relationship.

and never falling out of the World by not knowing that information is always a few clicks away.

we have not become lazy… This is Evolution at its Finest.

we have nothing to fear. as the End Will come for all .

It is now in this Time Of age… That we step out of our confined spaces and release Our minds for Who we truly are.

Technology is a Talent That We embrace with Time and memory.

two steps Shy of a god given talent Such as drawing or music but equally as powerful as any form of Art.

Gone are the days that “genius” Was a Word that was reserved only for the “I was here First” way of thinking

Our voices Are now loud. and can be Heard around the world with Nothing more then a few clicks and spaces…

The message… you pick it.. but whatever you choose “Don’t be late” as our time Never Stops For Anything.

Time… Is our greatest threat… And the Best Way To live with time .. is To Use it wisely

Yeah That was For all the “crazy ones”

but now we are common Place In a world That becomes hand crafted each and every day of our lives.

The worst thing I can think of … Is living with the Fear that what you have to Give might not be enough.

Its Never Enough.. Until you know for sure that you have given it all you can and that you Are 100% in what your heart tells you.

Live long my friend

and thank you for the most important chapters in my book of life.

To be a Fly on the wall of life…

Sitting here Looking at everything that is going on.. the reactions to the ones that dare to take their Feelings to a place some of us can only watch from a far…

i recall the times as a child where i knew nothing more then what was fed directly into my mind… The rest was left to my imagination..

but I can not Imagine the pain.. the loss… the heartache or the devastation …

I can only right…

The day that brings night… lets us see the truly lost in the moment of anger…

Another battle that could not make it to the finish… another way to say goodbye without speaking..

Lonely battles fought for life times… The same out cry that has been heard from before my time… from before a time we have all come to call today..

Broken cracks in the streets that once carried the foot prints of another mans journey.

a world brought together by the Very things that make us nothing more then our own Presidents…Kings…and celebrities…

we all carry the same parts… the same worries… the same tears and fears…. the loud banging Drums that let us carry this life on like a never ending song..

i’ll walk the streets… With an army of electronic Hero’s … friends…. fans… followers….

The choice to be heard is one that comes from the choice to Speak up..

Don’t Ever let your thoughts pass you by as nothing more then a mental song hope…

You are the ones that were set free… years of tracking the past in order to Find the better today.. and the best tomorrow.

let it be heard tonight… the way that you feel it should be… but do not forget the ones that did not choose this battle…

Did you exchange? a walk out part on the war… for a lead role in this play?

Many of us have had dreams… Some more pronounced Then Others…

but today you stand united…. Today we are all brothers….

Dont hurt the innocent… Only back up the rivals with words strong enough to match your actions that are fueled straight from your hearts.

Tonight… the streets Will fail to sleep… Tonight justice will not be severed…  but this will not be the last time that your battle cries go heard.

The day we met face to face…July 17th.. 2010

3 am and the shadows and shades of colors from the modern day tv Is casting on everything it can find.

There is no place where its lights do not penetrate and show all its glory..

This is a day in its own time.. where Rules and history is nothing more then a thought which we left behind at the door that closed on reality.

all around us are the things that mean most to us. and at the same time we consume ourselves in Something that could never be bought nor made without the hands and minds of The most powerful the world has ever seen.

“i think your smart you sweet thing…”

Like a radio playing in our heads where each song has more meaning then just Filling the blank void that our ears have come to know as silence.

There is talent in the air. but not where its know to be. but rather in a form that can never be duplicated on its own.

“tell me your name … im dying here…”

a simple connection like the flapping wings of an angel learning to fly for the first time since seeing the sight of flight for the First time in years.

A few scattered minds all with there own powers to provide the lives they lead with nothing more then history in the making.

eyes are the windows Into the root of our souls…

“ive got you where i want you”

like a mad child roaming the Streets with all the candy in the world that his pockets can carry. we take it all in As if there is never enough time to stop and look over what we could and would call the best…

like sore muscles in need of a simple soothing touch to bring back the tender feeling of relief.

Smiles Run rampant in the dark as if that is the very reason that they were created to being with.

The images of what the best two smiles ever made would look like from way up above the world … seems like all that is needed is a clock that is forgiving and forgets to keep track of the day.

Skin on skin contact releasing more energy Then anything ever seen or understood Before

“Tell me your sign… im dying here..”

Her breath touching the base of his neck… sending Surges Of rapid heat movements that can be best described by words not yet invented or known to the human mind.

this moment Forever out there as his and hers is sketched into the sands of time. You can not erase them nor replace them.

for its forever. once written in time nothing can be changed.

“tell me your name … im trying here…”

Its got us where we want To…

You cant put your arms around a memory you can only hold it in your heart

The honor of being Vintage

Strapped down into a World that once was vague in comparison to what the limits were once thought to be.

Slowly untie the knots that have held your head under water for more years then you could stand to Count.

Years of What would be known as lessons learned in time. Have brought Priceless treasures into a gold mine of opportunity.

we are the ones that can save the world with just the most simple of thoughts.

My hands shaped and molded in the eyes of a god that has put in more then enough over time To us all.

i was color blind once but can now describe to you all the shades of color in a rainbow that is always complete in my life.

Take my hands and give them cleaning…

Let me stare into the sun and feel the grace of your powerful ways soak into my body like a cold glass of Water.

I hold with me this name

Time lends us more then we can ever ask for.

Pure Beauty lives in the hearts of the innocent.
Search for the faceless answer that we used to call “Today”
Im blind.
yet I choose to see with just more then my eyes.
“Tone deaf” falls on the ears Of The ones that decide to not listen.
I am. There For I will always be. i only fail when it comes to losing.
We think there for We can be Anything.
Pick and share The Wealth That Can only come From a life time of journeys.
Inside The Chapters awaits a story written on blank pages.
Electronic porno induced fantasy
brings us from one day to the next.
One voice.. One Choice.. One love
This battle Was never ours To understand Anyway