You see I was never Scared to Try

I can’t seem

To understand all this bullshit

Left here in front of me.

And I

Failed to see

All that manifest’s inside me

Freeing all I see

So let’s just understand

Where we stand

I’m neither a follower or a fan

You spend these vacations

Like you just made it

And we just started dating

And you talk me into breathing again

If minds were the problems

Then you sure could use a friend again

But this is the end

I won’t need again

Another friend

Or another song to put you in.

but here are the problems that we See today..

The longest of torture try if you may

kicked stones and wondered myself into lost many times.

if there is truth

Then whats the crime

to try and find

With blinded eyes..

“I took the Chance and made it through… I took the Chance and who are you?”


Its simple but Always Perfect

Each day that comes from the start of the new sun…

shinning rays polluting our self inflicted Darkness we cast around us…

The unforgiving Sounds of the day already at start

Slowly drilling into our Sleeping Ears….

I’m worried… It might just wake you up..

and i will lose the perfect Site of beauty at rest before me.

But What is said can always be repeated…

But the words I love you are almost not powerful enough…

To captivate This moment in the  heart of the Beast….

Its A priceless journey that he will gladly embark on each day of his life.

“Its Beauty Perfected” he would tell himself in his mind…

Some of the best conversations are the ones we have about others in our head…

its this voice… The one that only Speaks and understands truth..

Where the beast Was able to fully let Himself completely understand..

That without no beauty , There can not be a Beast..

and without no chances,There can not be a new day.

Each moment will never fail to hear the words that beat on like a heart of champions..

“I love you, now and forever and I have waited a life time for dreams to Finally come true”

Her eyes slowly looking up and him….The Breath of air ingested in almost a rush….

“its simple, But always perfect” she whispers into his ear…

and Straight into his Heart.

The sky That fills my Air

There is a time when Everything comes to light..

The Clouds that Finally Give way to the Brightest Sun that your eyes have ever had the chance to see.

Nothing Can tell you when enough has been Tempted by the Days limitless hands of Time.

In this very moment.. Its where you Find the strength to Carry on in this moment… To Save anything that matters to you.

I am not the Way That I used to be… Life has Changed Things with its journeys in through time.

Days Set… Days pass… And moments are created each time you mouth opens to Share what your mind has created.

Left Alone to Struggle The daily Bread of Thoughts…

As They Stream into your Mind like Endless Gallons of Dreams over The waterfall of life…

There are Dreams… There are nightmares and there are The times where we lay awake in our beds at night…

Thinking about how nice it must be to finally Catch a moment of silence… lay back… and Slowly pretend that today never happened…

We chase our printed lies…

and if we can’t save ourselves

Then we Chase The path of Time


If I was to Walk away….
Would you not hear.. , what i would say…
All of these shadows ,  The Predators love the prey…

I’m only 3 days old…
Ive only lived what I’ve been told..
The music is what makes this real….
My eyes the blindness steals….

But now that your here… and I’m So Far away…
yet i don’t know if i can face Today…
And all the mistakes… The price we paid…
Slow Learned lament, king for the Day…

I can be the river…and you can Drift For days..
Learn to swim is darkness…learn to run the Maze…
Turn our backs with silence and let our secrets Show…
Understand this moment… and never let me go

Looking at the Distance of Distance
Ive only learned from the Best…
Lets takes this time to bury…move on… and progress
so was it even you and me?
Was it Ever awake from sleep?

Can We Learn to never look back….
Can we learn to never move back….
Can we learn to learn that?

These memories consume…
Like our minds are the wounds…
but nothing can help break The habit…
You’ll drown if you could only Have it…
Down The hole… we Kill the habit…

But now comes the times in which we are “better”
The Countless nights forever ever…
climbing time Like endless ladders…
Broken hearts , They Still can Shatter

Letters in the inbox of Vins list

I get great emails from time to time about This Blog.

And i have to say I enjoy them all

but just this morning I got an email that was inspired by this blog…

and I thought i would post it here for all of you to read.

its a nice poem and i think you will all enjoy it as its in the same taste of the Vins list

“Amazing blazin the stars are in the sky tonight I feel I can’t explain it but I know that it’s reality. The visions clear so in other words I have clarity. I’m well aware of the spell that you castin over me.

My eyes are not open but somehow I still manage to see. I’m lookin thru you like I knew I would  you’re transparency is like lookin into the universe if I could and it sparkles and it darkens into something worse.

It’s like you don’t even mean it, it’s like a curse. Even worse u got this power over me your love is fucking blinding makin it hard for me to see. I’m wishing I could erase the pain of yesterday hopin for a better day get down on my knees and pray.

But god is never listenin and the sky keeps glistenin like a thousand crystals magic eight ball are u listening? I gotta figure out a way to end all this insanity I gotta get closer to u in order to gain sanity. Your poison to my life he says but I don’t think I mean to be I’m going crazy I’m too far away I gotta get u close to me.

I need your hands to numb the hurt I need ur lips to ease my pain. I need these tears to wash away the past like the most amazing rain. Reach out for u inside my dreams but I can never grasp ur hand I’m holding onto a broken dream watching hourglasses run out of sand. ”

“JBL” 2015

-Something in the way –

When I sit back and think about all the times that I was right there…

I learn to look back not only all the times that my heart pumped you through my veins..

There was the moments that i think I will never be able to say are not a part of who i am.

I see the world as a place that is my playground… A place where almost anything you set your mind to you can get.

Nothing is ever out of grasp.. and nothing is ever out of reach…

its only about how Far you want to Stretch your arms in order to grab it.

I have always wanted the best for myself… I have never allowed myself to second Guess The reasons why I Crave what I want..

A smile… A face… That warm touch that you feel in the middle of the night when you awaken to the site of your very Dreams come true, Sleeping right next to you..

The Constant laughter… The jokes… the memories in the making… The memories that were already made..

I think about the first Kisses that started anything and Everything.. The very Moment that I let someone see in them For the first time .. Just what a perfect gem They really are…

Nothing ever stops me when I’m feeling like this… Nothing can ever get in the way of my feelings.. my heart… My dreams.. My mind…. My love…

I would climb a million Mountains… I would Cross over every inch of land that this world has in store for you…

There is never a moment where I think anything else besides the happiness that comes to my life when I see your face… I touch your warm skin… I hold your chest against mine….

Slowly Letting myself Drift into a deep sleep to the Beat of our love radiating inside your self… like it has been forever inside of mine..

The very moment I was aware that you existed… Was the very Moment that I wished on each star that would be over my head Each lonely night that you weren’t in my life…. My world..

There is real love out there.. the kind that looks like all the movies that made you sigh when comfortable on your bed watching..

All the things that have been painted as romantic… amazing… and almost Unbelievable …

Are right here waiting for You to take them up on the Offer and the chance…

I’m looking to the sky to save me… Im looking for a sign of life …

Im looking for something that will let me never look back… and when i happen to look back…

I want to see you looking back at me to see if I’m looking at you…

Each time I have ever said goodbye… I have hated those words more then anything…

because I feel that i only have just now started to say hello… and I want to introduce myself to you over and over and all day and all night..

You are a gift in my life.. and you need to see that there is nothing more needed to give me a sign of life.. Then just your very existence.. .

They sat on their wall… watching the sun Come up… Wondering where they were going… wondering how they would get there… Wondering how on earth this had FINALLY Happened….

A perfect love Story that is Raised from the ashes of others wars…

A perfect attempt at trying to Find that very Reason we all tried the first time…

its not that you or i have failed in past attempts…

its more so that you can only learn by trying something at least once…

and Im the kind of man that does something once… Then Perfects it the second time around… and makes sure to never Fail again.

I have Everything in my tool box To Fix even the broken ..

But nothing here is broken… Maybe just the gates of fate need to be oiled and made to open with ease again..

But the truth is … There is nothing here that I can’t do when your the tools I use to Craft the very object We call our hearts.

Her Face is The place that I find my reflection in her eyes…

her body is the place that i find my heart beating against..

and her hands are the very thing that I want to hold till its my time to say goodbye.

My dreams came true (and I didn’t even have to sleep)

There isn’t a single moment in which one can sit back and not notice his very Dreams taking place all around him.

A moment in life where you stop and almost have to catch your thoughts because it almost seems too good to be True..

life has its moments where in one heart beat your perfect and in the next You feel as if you have lost all chance at knowing how to fly.

life is the endless chapter’ed book that seems to always have enough blank pages for never ending plots and twists..

with a book binding that is stronger then the back bone of the most spineless cowards..

I slowly let myself Down from the anti trust bubble from which I had placed not only my head.. but also my heart….

There she was… With a smile that could only be seen at the gates of heaven on a day of judgement…

her eyes were like the steady beam of light Emitting From a Light tower , that not even the most foggy of nights could hide..

her touch was like the warmness of knowing that everything would be ok.. and that you finally set your feet on Dry land after being washed shore from the sea of tears you once accepted as your Drowning hole.

when all the pieces fit and yet you can’t seem to complete a puzzle.. its because Your writing the story as you go… your creating the best chapters as they happen..

You suddenly step back and see your self in a way that you never thought could be.. You know what you are… you know what you want and you know what you can do… its a matter of doing it… seeing it… and grasping your hands on your very Dreams as they float by you in scattered pieces….

There was never a day that would go by where i would think about My dream coming true… Be it the moment that it first showed its face to me on a late night conversation that lasted into the Early hours of Dawn…

i could have showed up… I could have taken the chance…. But faith has a strange way of playing its game of chess..

The sounds of her laughter that echo through my ears like the most amazing piece of music i have ever heard…

I Could spend a life time just staring at her lips as they move while forming the Very words that I exist to hear…

Nothing else Matters because once I have made a choice… its the only thing that i know.. the only thing that I breath and the only thing that i learn to not fear and walk away from.

Perfected Madness…. Beautiful little deaths…. Cold sheets and too much money spent on late night gas stations…

we are the reason that we smile… we are the reason that we breath better at night with the fan on… We are the reasons we attempt to No longer seek reasons at all.

And you… You are the reason that I can sit here right now and say that i now have everything i need to be able to say that my dreams have come true..

and I didn’t even need to goto sleep for them to happen.